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Building utilizations
for crypto

We believe the adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide is inevitable so here at Pixul we aim to develop applications and technology that focus on utilizing crypto as a means of service and needs for everyday use.

Multi-chain compatibility throughout the ecosystem

Developing dApps and platforms

Secure off-chain information using Chainlink's Oracles

Tamper-proof network by implementing decentralized blockchain technology

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What are we building?

Pixul combines off-chain and on-chain information to develop technology that adopts cryptocurrency for business and personal needs.


Marketplace for creators to trade services, physical items and more for cryptocurrency using our Smart Escrow Contract.

Point of Sale System

A multi-chain cryptocurrency POS system for in-store business transactions.


Retrieving off-chain information to on-chain contracts using Orcale's to develop a shipping system within our ecosystem. 

NFT Adoptions

Providing NFT adoptions to businesses for contract requirements


What is our mission?

Cryptocurrency at its current stage is extremely complex for the average individual to grasp. Pixul's mission is to develop ease-of-use platforms & applications to introduce crypto into real-world use-cases. Below are several key opponents to our objective.

Accessible to a magnitude of real-world businesses

User-friendly UI/UX designs for the everyday business owner

Develop simple onboarding processes for establishments

Provide a dedicated team for technical support


The Pixul team is currently building and finalizing partnerships.

The Team

Meet the team behind the project


Andrew Gago

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Hung Nguyen

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John Manor

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Core Team


Tyler Nichol

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Jeremy Muniz
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Kelly Mai
Marketing Manager