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Hello Pixul Community,


Full transparency is paramount at Pixul. Secondly and from a more personal approach, I hold integrity in the highest regard as well.  And in an effort to be in line with that sentiment, it is important to me that I openly share with our current and potential investors the details surrounding the rebrand from TCC to what has now become Pixul. 


The Collective Coin was the first crypto project I was part of and ushered me into the crypto space.  Eager to challenge myself and be a part of an industry that is sure to forge a new and open road in both technology and financial opportunities equally to the world, I constructed a team of individuals that I met online in other crypto communities to develop a freelance marketplace. We launched around mid-2021 raising around $55K for funding and launching around a $300K market cap. I was so excited and also humbled by the success of that effort and continued to move forward in the spirit of great expectations of the innovation that was to come from the TCC project.  Working around the clock and often autonomously and alone, I was still determined to give my best effort - even though in most cases, I had to wear many hats and take on others’ responsibilities to reach our goals and push the project forward.  Again, this was all very new to me, but I trusted those who were around me on this project to operate in integrity because they expressed that they, too, were fully and honestly engaged in this project.


It turned out to be one of the hardest lessons I’ve ever had to learn in life.


Lacking the knowledge that I now have today, a lot of our funds were split into different aspects of the project without a true game plan and laser-focused oversight. Instead, trust was placed in our team members who had valiantly claimed to have marketed successful projects in the past. Marketing was our largest budget and 80% of the funds were spent on events that had zero positive return for the investors. As a team, we were all learning the difference between standard commercial product marketing and crypto marketing.  And that is where our marketing team failed us and the project.


As months went on, the marketing team continued to lack vision and efficient planning.  Funds were being used for unnecessary spending to create a quick pump. Soon after, I found out that the majority of the team was working on a whole other project together which was very discouraging. In fact, one to two months after TCC was launched, most of their energy and efforts were self-diverted to their other project instead of TCC. I asked why I was kept in the dark about this and questioned why they were not honest with me.  I was fully vested in TCC and felt that maybe I could have made the necessary changes that could have potentially saved the project. Yet, the answers I received were “Everyone wants money…No one cares for TCC”; “The team wants money now so we’re creating this new project to pump TCC”. I was devastated. These statements were disheartening and put a massive strain on the team. Events such as our Rocket League tournament were thrown at me last minute because the team members that were assigned to that task for two whole months completely bailed out the tournament, leaving me and another team member scrambling for a week trying to gather all the teams, meetings with the 2NU Productions company and setting up the entire tournament. This is just one example of how the team abandoned the project.


October 26th, one of the founders pulled a total of 20 BNB ($10K) out of the liquidity into their own wallet. When I woke up for work, I noticed the transactions and asked them if this money was for funding/marketing.  I was told that it wasn’t them but they maliciously blamed me as the one who pulled out the funds as a part of a calculated campaign to cover themselves. They went on to completely throw me under the bus and make outrageous statements about how I was the one who pulled out the $10K. I showed them video proof of ALL my transactions throughout my accounts, even with all the exchanges I use. And though I successfully proved my innocence and demonstrated my integrity in the matter, I did so at supremely great risk. Doing this caused me to share very private and personal information such as my full name, social media accounts, and full home address on the LLC (which is open for public viewing). My very own safety and privacy were at risk but most importantly, the security and privacy of my family and newborn child were now exposed.




Determined to make this right for those who worked alongside me who believed in TCC and even more so, for those investors who gave their money and trust into the project, the only viable solution I had was to take control of this matter by taking ownership of the contract, social media accounts and remaining funds which were around $6K. One of the primary reasons for the takeover and rebrand is because one of the founders created the two developer wallets and would not provide us with the seed phrases. Those two wallets hold 2% together and I am absolutely not willing to risk the chance of the individual selling those tokens down the road and hurting Pixul. 


In November, I began the idea of the rebrand from that point, My goal is to build a foundation of strong individuals who have an understanding of how to build a business and knowledge in the crypto space while standing on the lessons learned through my experience with TCC.  And in keeping our TCC investors as the top priority who absolutely deserved restitution, once the rebrand began, we started an airdrop application to all TCC holders and thus, accumulated about 67 airdrop applicants. This airdrop will be vested for a period of time to ensure the tokens are not sold at launch. 


The 2 Wallets:


Moving forward, Pixul is the vision that I had for TCC but is now expanded! We are excited about the future and hope you all take this journey with us to help accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology in our everyday lives. 


Thanks and be well,

Andrew Gago


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