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Pixul AMA with The Crypto Cave Recap

Ja Rouge: Here's the beginning of the AMA with Pixul. Don't miss it! @andrewgago and Hung can you guys introduce yourselves?

Andrew: Hey everyone! My name is Andrew, I am one of the Co-Founders of Pixul. Nice to meet you all.

Hung: My name is Hung and I am one of the Co-Founder of Pixul.

Ja Rouge: Could you both tell us your roles at the company?

Andrew: As a Co-Founder of Pixul, I deal more on the side of business development but as Andrew said, we both split our duties

Hung: My name is Hung and I am one of the Co-Founder of Pixul. Overseeing the full development of Pixul in a sense

Andrew: Regardless we work together on all aspects of Pixul.

Ja Rouge: Please explain to our community what Pixul is and what your project plans to bring to the crypto space?

Andrew: What is Pixul? Well Pixul is a blockchain company based out of Orlando, Florida. Our goal is to develop multi-chain applications and technology that focus on utilizing crypto as a means of service and needs for everyday use.

Such as a Freelance Marketplace, POS System, Logistics systems, NFT adoptions. We are also developing our own DeFi Protocol because we believe in decentralization, our protocol will have staking, farming pools, our governance system that interacts with xPIXUL our governance token, and more!

Ja Rouge: That's a lot! What is the first thing you guys are focusing on?

Andrew: Currently we're focusing on the marketplace & our protocol so we can get our staking pool up as soon as possible. Our marketplace is about 90% completed. We project the release to be about 2 months after launch. Afterwards our team will be split and one team will focus on the development of the protocol and the other team will focus on the POS System.

Ja Rouge: That's cool. Can you tell us more about the marketplace?

Andrew: The marketplace will be like Fivver/Upwork but for crypto. The marketplace will accept multiple chains and will also be an NFT marketplace. The platform will be using our Smart Escrow contract to hold funds until the creator is completed with the job, will have a message system to speak to users, user profiles and creator profiles to showcase their work.

Hung: It will create a great ecosystem to see what are the needs and demand of crypto users who are offering services as a mean for coins. This will be the foundation for our POS system.

Ja Rouge: I really like that!

Andrew: Thank you!

Ja Rouge: What motivated you and your team to start this project?

Andrew: Adoption and innovation are our key motivations for our project. Blockchain really caught our attention because it gives power back to society, and we want to build applications that will allow you to use your crypto every day for real-world use-cases.

Ja Rouge: Was there a moment you had that made you decide to do this project?

Hung: When we realized that this is just like previous history event of the Dot Com Era but now it is the Crypto Era.

Andrew: Hung and I worked on several projects and we believe that this is an opportunity for us capitalize on the early stages of crypto to develop platforms.

Ja Rouge: It sounds like you guys are good friends and have worked on previous projects together. What did you work on in the past?

Andrew: Hung and I actually have our own business in Florida called PixelSloth that helps small business owners with marketing and web development. We have also worked together on several startup companies and crypto projects behind the scenes.

Ja Rouge: Awesome! How long and successful has Pixelsloth been?

Andrew: PixelSloth has been around since 2015, we have helped multiple businesses with web development, SEO and analytics. We have worked with mom and pop shops to franchises. You can view more information on our Linkedin as well about PixelSloth

Ja Rouge: Great to know about your history! Can you list 3 unique features of your project that make it ahead of competitors? What are the competitive advantages that you feel most confident about?

Andrew: 3 unique features of our project? We have an experienced team that use their skills and knowledge to build their own businesses, we have a marketing team that has prepared tons of marketing materials. Our team is prepared to face the volatility of the crypto market from both a business and marketing standpoint. Our ecosystem allows our token to grow organically by the fees we accumulate from our platforms. Last, all of our applications will be multi-chain allows crypto users from different blockchains to use our products.

Ja Rouge: So what chain are you starting with and where will you expand to?

Andrew: We will be deploying on Ethereum and planning to bridge to Polygon, Solana and possibly Fantom.

Ja Rouge: Your project is under the Ethereum chain and ETH is known for high gas fees. Do you have to plans to bring in holders who are not too fond with high gas fees?

Andrew: Our team understands that Ethereum is high on gas fees so our team will work hard to get Pixul listed on 2 CEXs by the first two months of our launch. We're already in the talks with Lbank and Coinsbit. This will allow people to get Pixul without the high fees on ETH.

Ja Rouge: Will your platform use high gas fees?

Andrew: Depending on the chain you use on our platform your gas fees with vary.

Ja Rouge: So how will gas fees be mitigated on your platform?

Andrew: Our platform will accept multiple chains so as a user you can use a chain with lower fees. Our contracts built in the platforms will allow the user to use any token/coin. The service fees will then be injected back into the Pixul token to allow it to grow organically. within our ecosystem.

Ja Rouge: So multi chains is the long term solution.

Andrew: Yes, we want to make sure our platforms are available to different chains to reach those markets.

Ja Rouge: Only getting users, holders etc. is not everything. In my opinion, a project needs to deal with solving a real-world issue or problem. What is the problem that your project primarily focuses on? Please share with us!

Andrew: The problem that we're trying to solve is that crypto is extremely complex for the average individual to grasp. Our mission is to develop ease-of-use applications to introduce crypto into real work use cases.

As a team we will focus on developing user-friendly UI/UX designs and interactions, create simple onboarding processes, provide educational materials and provide 24/7 technical support for our products.

Ja Rouge: So the marketplace will be an early use case your team will provide. Can you tell us more about what you want to do with NFT's?

Andrew: Our marketplace will allow you to mint and sell NFTs, we will also be releasing our collection of 10 Pixul NFTS. Now our real goal is to help implement NFTs into businesses from client contracts, ticketing and more.

Ja Rouge: Ok. So if I had an event I could use NFT's as tickets?

Andrew: Yes, it's another option a venue can use for tickets. You would just purchase an NFT (Ticket) from their site and use the NFT as verification.

Ja Rouge: Cool! At this point I want to open the floor and then I will ask a few more questions and close the AMA

Andrew: That is down the road as we will focus on the first half of our roadmap.

Ja Rouge: I noticed you are doing a presale. What launchpad is your project planning to utilize for your presale?

Andrew: Our team is planning to use PinkSale’s launchpad for our presale.

Ja Rouge: The crypto space is volatile with projects either being scams/rugs, what is your plan to give your holders the sense of security?

Andrew: Security and transparency are of utmost importance to our team. First, all of our smart contracts in our ecosystem including the token contract and funds will be owned by our Multi-Sig Wallet. We have 4 owners Hung, Vespas, Andrew, and Pixul Deployer and we would need 3 out of 4 owners to accept transactions for the TX to execute. We will also have our smart contract audited by SolidProof and by Certik after our launch. We will also submit the rest of our contracts to Certik for a full audit with 24/7 Skynet protection.

You can view our Multi-Sig Wallet here:

Also our ecosystem contracts here:

Ja Rouge: Last Question, what do you want to achieve through your project in the future?

Andrew: Our biggest achievement would be to see our products used worldwide, from our Marketplace to our POS Systems. We’re excited for the future of blockchain technology being used in our everyday lives.

Ja Rouge: Awesome! Thanks so much for being here Drew & Hung. We appreciate you being here. I hope to have you back in a year and see how your project is doing!

Andrew: That's a goal! Thank you for having us! We appreciate all the questions.

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