Roadmap to Adoption

Pixul is developing future core applications and tools for the new, borderless economy and lifestyle.

Phase: Foundation

  • Complete the official rebranding of The Collective to Pixul

  • Re-design and relaunch our freelance marketplace

  • Meet the team announcement

  • Prepare airdrop for previous TCC holders

  • Commence the development Pixul's smart contract

  • Audit the Pixul Contract for pre-sale

  • Launch a small marketing campaign

  • Develop and release the whitepaper

  • Begin pre-sale on PinkSale under the ETH chain

  • AMA with PinkSale

  • Twitter Space AMA

Phase: Genesis

  • Officially launch the Pixul token

  • Submit Certik Audit for Pixul token & freelance marketplace contracts

  • Complete Airdrop process

  • Dextools marketing campaign, and Twitter post campaigns

  • AMAs with crypto-based communities

  • Flooz Trade listing

  • Begin the UI/UX design for the Point of Sale

  • Develop and test POS smart contracts and internal systems

  • Audit POS smart contracts

  • Press release on Yahoo Finance, Cointelegraph, and more

  • Expand our marketing campaigns

  • FegEx DEX listing

  • Begin process for Lbank & Bkex CEX listings

Phase: Chrysalis

  • Begin POS system testings

  • Establish the logistic system contracts

  • Implement logisitic contracts onto the marketplace and more

  • Build partnerships to implement our systems onto their business models

  • Staking pools with Governance token (Pixulated)

  • Farming pools

  • Start process for KuCoin. and other top 20 CEX listings

  • Times Square Billboard for marketing