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Founded in


Pixul was founded in 2021 by Andrew Gago and Hung Nguyen in Orlando, Florida. Building a foundation with an ideology that believes the adoption of cryptocurrencies is critical for the evolution of the financial systems around the world. 


Our vision is to create an opportunity to change obsolete practices provided by our current establishments. We do not believe in the abolishment of our banking systems but to supply individuals with the instruments to utilize alternative sources for their necessities. Our concept is to provide the crypto-ecosystem with necessary and innovative applications/tools to help advance the borderless world of crypto.


Building software around blockchain technology and decentralization that includes easy-to-use web, mobile applications, decentralized applications (dApps), smart contracts software, APIs, and more. Over the next several years our team here at Pixul will develop platforms for users to utilize their crypto to a new degree to help achieve adoption.

Learn more about Pixul by viewing our Whitepaper below:

Discover our


Freelance/NFT Marketplace

A multi-chain freelance & NFT marketplace where users can become "Creators" and trade their services/products for cryptocurrencies and USD.


  • Multi-Currency Support

  • Private Communication Platform

  • Multi-Category Jobs

  • Secure Payment Gateways

  • Creator & User profiles

  • Multiple Payment Methods

  • Multi-Blockchain Support

  • Educational content

  • 24/7 Support

marketplacecomputer copy.png

De-Fi Protocol

A multi-chain decentralized finance protocol that allows you to receive benefits as a Pixul holder and more.


  • Multi-Chain Support

  • Staking 

  • Our governance token xPIXUL with governance voting

  • Farming pools

  • Cross-Chain Swaps

  • And more development in the future


Point of Sale System

An all-in-one multi-chain Point of Sale System that will allow business owners and entrepreneurs to accept a magnitude of cryptocurrencies and fiat.


  • Multi-Currency Support

  • 2.3% per crypto transaction

  • 85+ Currencies

  • 1-2 days to withdrawal period

  • Built-in wallet

  • Ability to set up both digital and physical gift cards.

  • Ability to accept payments online via a virtual terminal.

  • Accept traditional and contactless payments.

  • Track sales in real-time.

  • 24/7 Support

  • and more...