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How It Started

The Collective project began when 3 individuals who were fatigued of believing in new DeFi projects claiming to develop use-cases, only to realize they were offering false promises, came together. Andrew, Brandon & Salvador met each other after investing in the same project, which planned to develop a new NFT platform only to have it crash without the support and forethought of its creators. Andrew took a short hiatus from the wild world of crypto when his first child was born, during which time he decided it was time to put together a team to develop a new decentralized freelance marketplace, and utility token in order to give the DeFi crypto community a new, trustworthy project to be excited about.


After meeting with Salvador, he contacted Brandon and invited him to be a part of a legitimate project. Brandon loved the idea and took on the role as our main software developer. Overnight, The Collective was born. From that moment, these new friends, and colleagues, went straight to work developing the community and the contract. This is just the beginning of a story about an organization, environment, and coin that once launched will help change the crypto world for the better. The alt coin space will never be the same again.

Binance Smart Chain DeFi Token

The Collective Labs launched the token The Collective Coin (TCC) under the Binance network on June 2021. We launched with a circulating supply of 250 Trillion tokens. We strive to maintain a strong community that supports and represents what The Collective stands for. At launch, there will be five (5) separate developer wallets that will each hold 1%, for a total of 5% of the total supply. These wallets will help fund the development of the Collective Marketplace. The developers of The Collective will then participate with the public in purchasing of additional coins.

Automatic Liquidity Pool

After every trade occurs 5% contributes towards automatically generating liquidity that goes into multiple pools used by exchanges.

Burn Tokens

After every trade occurs 5% of the transaction will be burned forever into a burn wallet that is locked away. This will decrease the total supply and increase the value of the coin.

The Collective Vision

The Collective Vision is to be the future home of one of the first crypto decentralized freelance marketplaces bringing together artists, developers, marketers, and other providers of various products and services and providing them and their prospective clients a safe and secure means to do business. But that is only the beginning! The dedicated team and community will continue to evolve The Collective into a full environment of use cases for cryptocurrency including, but not limited to: expanding fields of commerce, cryptocurrency contract creation, audit, launch services, and entertainment. 

Future Developments

The Collective will continue to develop decentralized platforms such as POS system for real world transactions, decentralized logistics. We will also be creating an application that will allow to you access all Collective future platforms such as the marketplace. The application will allow you to track tokens/coins, view charts, swap, and view and use the marketplace on the application. Release date will be decided in the future.

Decentralized Marketplace

Our team here at The Collective is developing a decentralized freelance marketplace for freelancers/creators to sell services and products for cryptocurrency. The platform will be developed using react, the dApp will allow you to create a profile as a creator or user through email or a wallet using Web3. 

Chat System

The platform will have a built-in chat system that users will be able to access for previous & current jobs/conversions with creators. The chat system is activated once an account is created on our platform. When a user requests a job the chat system opens a new conversation with that specific creator. The chat system will allow you to interact with the creator while the job is active, once the job is completed, the chat between you and the creator will end and you will you  not be able to send any new messages.

Smart Escrow Contract

We're developing a Smart Escrow Contract that will allow users to send tokens/coins to a decentralized smart contract that is built like a an escrow account, holding the funds until the job is completed or a dispute has come to an conclusion. The smart contract is created once the user and creator comes to terms for the specific job requested. When the terms are submitted it is sent to a contract factory where the smart contract then extracts the information from the submitted terms and creates a new smart escrow contract for that specific job. There is also an option to pay out the job in multi-payments. Below is how the factory creates the contract.

Information submitted > Escrow Factory receives information > Creates Escrow with the terms (Payer address, payee address, amount, token/coin, payment address, mediator, auto swap function, *Multi-payment if necessary*) > Contract sent to user > User sends tokens > Job gets completed > Both user and creator signs contract transaction > Creator receives funds.


A team of individuals part of The Collective will review all disputes and come up with conclusions to close disputes. Conclusions can be the user receives their funds if the job is not met according to the specific job request or the creator will receive the funds if the job request was completed correctly according to the terms. Both user and creator are subject to losing funds if a dispute is submitted with no substantial reasoning. 

Marketplace Fees

Each transaction that occurs in the marketplace will have a service fee of 5 or 15 percent. If a user selects The Collective Coin (TCC) as their choice of payment for a job that will incur a 5% fee, if a user selects an alternative token/coin the fee will be 15%. The fee is then split 50/50, 50% goes to revenue for The Collective Labs and the other 50% is then added to the TCC's liquidity this will allow the token to grow organically through transactions in the marketplace.

Services and Features

Currently offering graphic design services in exchange for cryptocurrencies, the goal of The Collective is to create a decentralized marketplace, inspired by platforms such as Etsy and Fiverr, for other providers to also offer their products and services to clients in exchange for The Collective Coin, or virtually any established cryptocurrency of their choosing, for a small transaction fee. 

Providers will create a profile, and have the ability to establish a virtual storefront on the Marketplace, which will be accessible through a dApp from the user’s wallet.

Always moving forward, The Collective will be initiating other services and marketplace features tentatively in the following order

  • Graphic Designs – Available Now

  • Website Development – Available Soon        

  • Smart Contract Authentication – Available Soon

  • Smart Contract Creation – Available Soon

  • Verified Smart Contract Deployments – TBA

  • Gaming Tournaments 

  • Initial launch of the first Decentralized Freelancer Marketplace – TBA

  • Expansion of the Marketplace to include additional providers and markets – TBA

  • Social Platform Integration with Storefronts

  • And more!

Fee Distribution

Each transaction will result in a 5% burn and 5% allocation to Liquidity


The Collective provides ongoing service, and as such, ownership will not be renounced.

The Contract does not have a mint action.

The Contract does have a manual burn, and stop burn action.


  • Total Supply: 500,000,000,000,000 (500 Trillion)

  • Supply after 50% Burn: 250,000,000,000,000 (250 Trillion)

  • Private Community ICO: 8.4% (21.5 Trillion) 375B/BNB - 73 Wallets

  • Dev Wallets: 5% (12.5 Trillion) 2.5 Trillion/per wallet - 5 Wallets

  • Unicrypt Presale: 27% (135 Trillion) 300B/BNB

  • Liquidity Locked One Year, locked for 3 more years: 79 Trillion



Coin Creation Wallet – Storage Wallet


Token Creation Address


Distribution of ICO Investor Tokens Address


Burn Wallet

Developer Wallets

We strive to maintain a strong community that supports and represents what The Collective stands for. At launch, there will be five (5) separate developer wallets that will each hold 1%, for a total of 5% of the total supply. These wallets will help fund the development of the Collective Marketplace. The developers of The Collective will then participate with the public in purchasing additional coins.

Community Whitelist

We will hold a private sale as a thank you to the community that has helped us. We consider anyone who is a member of our Telegram or Discord to be part of our community.

Public Whitelist

We will then hold a public whitelist sale with a maximum purchase of 3 BNB to combat whale activity. 

Shortly after the public whitelist sale, we will launch The Collective Coin to the public and list on Pancakeswap

Beginning the same day as the token launch, we will also launch intensive marketing through social media, influencers, advertising, and word of mouth advertising.

Fund Allocation

What do we do with the Private and Whitelist funds that are raised? The Private Sale and Whitelist will fund financing for quality third party Audits, Marketing, Initial Liquidity, and payment for services rendered to date as outlined here.

You've reached the end of our Whitepaper. BUT, no worries! Keep checking in with us. We are determined to be 100% transparent to our community by designing a live Whitepaper that is constantly updated each step of the way, as The Collective continues to expand to become a place where visions of a self-supportive cryptocurrency ecosystem can be realized.